Objectives /

Here are the objectives of ITPGRFA

In coordination with the UNDP-supported project "Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscapes" or BPP, this project is implemented:

1. To assess and document the extent of diversity and utilization of PGRFA.

2.To develop initiatives for PGRFA conservation, utilization and climate change adaptation through a Strategic Action Plan for conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources.

3. To develop protocols for in situ/on farm crop conservation and a sustainable community seed supply system.

4.To analyze incentives to promote in situ/on farm conservation and utilization.

5.To conduct training of farmers and promote advocacy to support crop production, conservation and utilization of target crops .

Target Crops




Sweet Potato

Expected Outputs

National Strategic and Action Plan to promote the mainstreaming or integration of biodiversity conservation in agricultural production system, markets and other sectors to secure national and global environmental benefits;

a. Distribution and utilization of target crops which have been identified as requiring conservation and have the potential to promote food security and supplement the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and farmers;

b. Incentives to promote in situ-on farm conservation and utilization of target crops, including the establishment of nurseries and provision of micro finance through credit cooperatives;


c. Protocols for in situ-on farm conservation and sustainable community-based seed supply system of target species;

d. Information system containing information on distribution, abundance, sources of gene pool, appropriate conservation practices, utilization, and market potential;

e. Information and advocacy campaign;

f. Training to support farmers on the proper timing of planting, using crop calendars from partner NGOs to avoid losses due to climate change affecting the pilot sites